Welcome to MathurLaw. It has been a real privilege for our firm to have served clients from Pittsburgh and across the globe. We truly appreciated your confidence in us and hope you will remain in touch.

I have accepted employment in the Washington, D.C. area and have closed my practice, effective December 1, 2014. Therefore, MathurLaw can no longer represent immigration clients and it is imperative that you seek new legal representation.

Attorney Andrew Wood has agreed to make himself available to continue working on any of my prior cases, as well as take on new cases, if you should decide to retain his services. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew for all your future immigration needs. As Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Pittsburgh Chapter, I have become familiar with the quality of work of other Pittsburgh area immigration lawyers. I am recommending Attorney Wood to all of my clients because of my respect for his extensive knowledge of immigration issues and the high degree of professionalism he has demonstrated in all his interactions.

Attorney Wood exclusively practices immigration law, and maintains an office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is available to represent clients nationwide. Immigration attorney Andrew Wood has experience representing clients in family based and employment based immigration cases. He also represents individuals in hearings before the Federal Immigration Court System.

To schedule a free initial consultation with Andrew Wood, please call 412-291-8136, email andrew@woodimmigrationlaw.com, or visit www.woodimmigrationlaw.com.

I hold Immigration Attorney Andrew Wood in high regard, and strongly recommend that you consult with him for all your immigration needs.

Regards, Kamana Mathur, Esq.

MathurLaw LLC - Immigration and Family Attorneys


MathurLaw LLC is devoted to the practice of Immigration and Family Law. We focus on providing outstanding legal services at reasonable rates.

Immigration Law

The firm has expertise in all aspects of immigration law gained from observing the visa process from within the federal government and from private practice. We are dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients while keeping costs low. We can offer expert legal advice and handle all aspects of the application process for any visa category.

U.S. Immigration Laws have undergone numerous changes during the past decade and will continue to become increasingly complex as Congress makes new laws and reshapes visa policy - our firm's expertise in representing clients in immigration and naturalization matters will make your transition to the United States as smooth as possible.

Our Attorneys are active members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We have the knowledge and skill to effectively help individuals attain their dream of immigrating to the United States. We also have expertise in employment-based immigration, helping businesses that wish to hire immigrant and non-immigrant workers navigate the increasingly complex immigration laws and regulations.

Family Law

Few Attorneys have expertise in both Family and Immigration Law. Divorce can have wide-ranging consequences for non-U.S. Citizens and their spouses and children. Custody of children when there is a non-U.S. Citizen spouse poses unique challenges. We at MathurLaw possess the unique combination of skills and expertise that will help you obtain the best outcome in your divorce or custody case.

Our firm specializes in providing a conciliatory and cost-effective approach to divorce and custody matters. We also prepare pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and settlement agreements. We have helped numerous individuals with divorce and custody matters without breaking the bank.

Due to a wider demand for our services, the firm now has offices in two cities: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Reston, Virginia, both conveniently located with abundant parking. However, our clients reside all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia, and around the globe.